Party room rental

Numi children's lounge

We drew inspiration for this children's lounge through our own experience, being parents of small children, we know how important it is for parents to socialize with other like-minded people, and we also know what it means to be at home with a child, therefore we saw an opportunity in fabulous rooms with high ceilings, large for wooden windows, a historical accent - in Liepāja, in Julianna's yard, to give other parents with children the opportunity to change their home environment from time to time to a high-quality and child-safe environment right here in the heart of Liepaja. We care about quality, child safety and cleanliness. Numi children's lounge is three in one, because: * we offer open playtime, where parents and children can come and spend time together * we offer holiday celebration rooms for rent * in our premises there is a design store for children, where you can get quality and aesthetic goods for your children or gifts , when visiting Our premises have a carpet that ensures safer movement for children, especially small crawlers, an adapted entrance for entering with a stroller, a beautiful photo wall, where you can conjure up the necessary holiday mood, and we also have wooden toys where the child can pretend to be a hairdresser. in the roles of a doctor, a cook, a salesperson, developing wooden puzzles, a large ball pool with 30,000 balls in it, as well as a small ball pool for smaller visitors, 2 wooden slides, the interior is in calm and soft pastel colors, creating a peaceful environment for children. Basically, we designed this children's recreation room in such a way that we ourselves would have the pleasure of staying here meaningfully with our sons. and of course, of course, to create fabulous memories celebrating a child's birthday, baptism, Christmas or any other special holiday with ease and to reduce the dose of stress, therefore water, tea, coffee, cow's milk, honey, dishes, cake stand, refrigerator, cutlery , plates, snack dishes, bowls are included in the room rental price to facilitate the preparation process for you, dear guests! thank you for choosing NUMI both on holidays and everyday! Greetings, Ginta, Artis, Ernests, Kristers